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Dugald Community Club

The Dugald Community club was formed back in 1969 with the objective to promote the recreational, social and culture activities of the community from the youngest to the oldest member, with no affiliation with any racial, religious or political organization. We currently have 11 members serving on our board. Regular monthly meetings are held to ensure the best interest is made for our club. Our community is very strong in supporting this club by volunteering for activities, attending fundraising events, and with donations directly to the community club.

Total population in Dugald and its surrounding area is approximately 1500. We find our facility is a perfect size for this community. We have had many new upgrades including our new kitchen. We also completed a recent add on 20’ x 70’, for additional storage space and separate meeting room. It is our community’s main meeting place. It facilitates up to 170 people and we host many social, sports, and dinner events each year. We also host the RM of Springfield Canada Celebrations each year with approximately 2000 people attending.

The Community Club grounds also host an outdoor skating rink, 3 baseball diamonds and a beginner skateboard park. All facilities are open to the community.

Any rental inquiries are available by calling 853-7349.


Our volunteers donate many hours to make all events at our club successful. The following is a breakdown of volunteers and hours which are contributed to the club on an annual basis. This includes planning events, food preparation, decorating, cleaning, advertising etc.

  • We host 6 breakfasts per year, using 72 people with 216 total hours of volunteer time.
  • We host bingo once a week, using 30 people with 650 total hours of volunteer time.
  • We host 6 dinners using 36 people with 288 total hours of volunteer time.
  • Our Sports program, we have 2-3 volunteers with 60 hours of volunteer time.
  • We host approximately 5 events/programs; we have 5 people with 120 hours of volunteer time.
  • Aproximately 1334 hours are donated each year

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The following is a list of our current Board members:
Vice Chair
Members at Large


Trinda Barton
Sandie King
Joan Charles
Rob McDonald
Norene Hendry
Kathy Pattyn
Susan Chornaby
Jennifer King
Cathy King
Julian Woligroski
Tamara Thomsen

Rita Shields
Bruce Tittlemier